Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars…. YUM!

11 Apr

I love these! Again you know I love easy easy easy. I first saw this made on the Paula Deen Show on the Food Network. I immediately ran to the supermarket and got the ingredients and made them, they just looked so good! …And they are.  Because this recipe has a pre-baked shortbread crust, while that it is baking in the oven you can mix everything else up, so there is no wasted time. These are quick, and with a few simple ingredients you make A LOT. I brought  about 8 bars to work ( those lasted maybe half hour after word got around). My sweetie took home a whole container and I still have some left for me! This is a great bake sale item as well

Suggestions from the Baked Scientist:

1. Feel free to add different types of fruit:  dried fruit, and even nuts will work very well with the apples. I made with dried cranberries once.

2. Measure your nutmeg carefully: If you measure incorrectly it can overpower the apples. I am not a huge nutmeg fan if you are not, you can  omit. The cinnamon is more than enough.

3. Grease the pan before you put in shortbread layer. I had a problem the first time getting my bars out of the pan.

4. Not too sweet: I like that these are not too sweet, and you can omit the caramel sauce or have it on the side for your guests.

5. Great for a party or get together, bake sale, where people might have to move around. The shortbread crust holds up well and is a great vehicle for the cheesecake layer.

6. EXPERIMENT… if you like your cheesecake a certain way stick with it  then just drizzle that on top of shortbread layer  instead!

Click here for recipe


One Response to “Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars…. YUM!”

  1. TheBakedScientist April 11, 2012 at 10:38 AM #

    Man I sure need to work on my Photography… the cell phone pics are not doing it !

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