Sort of Alley’s Strawberry Pink Lemonade Cookies!

18 Apr

The pink cookies

Thank you Alley!  Her blog  At home with Alley  has great recipes and fun ways to spice up your kitchen. Her awesome Strawberry Pink Lemonade Cookie Recipe was no exception. So I CONFESS I did not actually make the exact recipe like I had planned, but with good reason. First I realized I forgot to buy strawberry cake mix! I then thought I had some cake mix that I could add strawberry coloring and wilton flavoring to, but  I didn’t even have that. ( sad face)

The Baked Scientist actually had to be a scientist. I actually am a scientist in real life so I should be able to handle a lil recipe hocus pocus. Right?  To pull this off, I ended up putting a homemade yellow cake and cookie recipe together! I feel super accomplished because they came out perfect.

I am not going to post the recipe for this just yet. There are a few tweaks I have to make. Don’t worry Alley I plan on making your recipe as well soon!  I am so very proud of myself for being so creative. The cookies themselves were a little too sweet; probably because I added sugar AND lemonade mix but the texture was chewy soft and DELICIOUS!

So here is my challenge to you all… be like a scientist in your kitchen… make your own creations you just might surprise yourself!


One Response to “Sort of Alley’s Strawberry Pink Lemonade Cookies!”

  1. onelifethislife June 3, 2013 at 6:16 PM #

    Recipe sounds pretty cool! Lemonade in a cookie…sweet!!

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