The Pink and Purple Zebra Print Shower… in Progress

4 May

It only took me and hour… 🙂

Yay… I have been commissioned to do a baby shower this coming Saturday. The theme is Purple and Pink with Zebra Print. I have to make a small cake and 20 cupcakes. This is kind of a tasting for future events so I plan on throwing in some cake pops and chocolate lollipop favors. This way I can showcase some of my skills.  I originally thought that I would do a lot of colored zebra print however,  after making samples the pink/purple background  was too much for what I wanted to achieve. So I am going to go with the traditional black and white print with purple and pink accents.


Today I have included a small preview of my decorations. I take fun in exploring how I want things to look and mix and matching things.So you are seeing different things that I have played around with and might Possibly use.  I guess you can say it is the scientist in me. I plan on putting a bassinet on the cake with a teddy bear inside and a zebra print blanket draping over the sides. I made this pattern using my fondant roller with the interchangeable patterns and cutters. I cut out the wavy top and made the line and circle pattern on the bottom.

For the Cupcakes, Red velvet, Banana, and Plain, I made zebra print fondant flowers! I cut up various black stripes and placed them over white fondant. I then rolled the the black fondant into the white making my own zebra print fondant. Now I could use this to cut out flowers. They are super cute. I will put those on some of the cupcakes. On others I am going to make pink and purple baby bottles, bibs and a circle with the first initial of the baby’s name ” T “.


For the Cake… Well you will have to wait and see. I will say it is gonna be Zebralicious!


2 Responses to “The Pink and Purple Zebra Print Shower… in Progress”

  1. Brittany May 5, 2012 at 2:32 PM #

    OH MY GOSH. These are adorable!! Well done!

    • TheBakedScientist May 6, 2012 at 10:05 AM #

      Thank you for the comment. I will be posting the final cake and cupcakes soon!

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