The Zebra Print Shower

8 May

This weekend I made a lovley cake for a baby shower. As I said in my previous post the theme was Zebra Print with the colors pink and purple.  I even made the cake batter in Pink and Purple Zebra Print! I wanted to have more pictures of me while I worked, however I employed that job to my sweetie. Always supportive of all my endeavors, he enjoyed watching but somehow forgot to snap photos of my progress as I worked.

How to do the Zebra Print

1. Get two different colored batters. (Strawberry and vanilla colored purple is what I used)

2.  Spoon equal amounts of the batter over each other in cocentric circles ( See Pictures)

3. DO NOT WAIT FOR BATTER TO SPREAD! Just keep piling it on in the center of the pan.

To see pictures of the inside of the cake see my facebook page, but I do have a picture of the test cupcake I made. I wanted to make sure you could tell the colors apart.

Baked Scientist Quick Tip: If you are worried about a crown on your cake, use cake pan strips. THEY ARE AWESOME! They allow cake to rise evenly by lowering the temperature the outside of the pan. Those who want to minimize cake leveling should use them!

Cakes in the Oven

What I hope the cake looked like!


The Outside of the Cake

I spent hours of my life looking at zebra print cakes online to figure out just how I wanted to complete the cake. Some people use fat stripes, some thin, short or long. I went for medium to thin longer strips that went from near the center over the sides and to the edge is a diagonal pattern. In the back I did a “U” like shape. (silly me didn’t take a photo of that part)

I rolled out the black fondant and then cut about 5 long strips in random shapes an then layed those 5 onto the cake. Once I was happy with their location I would glue them down. After not being so happy with that method and probably more paranoia from messing up than anything else, I chose to line everything thing up on the cake as best I could before glueing it down with gumpaste adhesive. ( that took extra time  kind of like doing the cake twice). For the bassinet, I found a tutorial online done by Way Beyond Cakes on Youtube . I did not do exactly what she did but I was inspired by her design.

I also made chocolate lollipop favors (Those are on the table and in the top of the cake). These can be laborious to make, even though the process is quite easy.  However they always go over quite well at any event. You can purchase the molds and chocolate already died at any Michaels, AC Moore or popular craft stores.

Zebra Print Flowers on Cupcakes

For the cupcakes I made my own zebra print fondant. I simpley rolled out the color I wanted as a base then placed strips of black in the layout of the zebra print. I just rolled over the two colors carefully and soon the black melded into the base color. After I used my flower cutter to cut out the flowers and I put round pearlin the center. The cupcake flavors were: Red Velvet, Banana with strawberry filling, (both with Cream Cheese Frosting) Vanilla and Strawberry ( both with buttercream).

Summary  From the Baked Scientist

Overall I am extremely happy  with the cake so were the customers. I suggest everyone making a labor intensive cake like this give them self a lot of time, so they don’t work on it all day. For example, I made the bassinet one night, the flowers another night, baked and covered the cake and the cup cakes the night before. I left Just the frosting and the cake decor to till the end. However I had the carriage done the flowers on the side were done. If you split up the work it wont seem so crazy!


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3 Responses to “The Zebra Print Shower”

  1. TheBakedScientist July 6, 2012 at 7:52 AM #

    Thank you for all the Likes!

  2. mydearbakes May 15, 2012 at 2:10 AM #

    Loved the colors, they looked so wonderful! =)

    • TheBakedScientist May 21, 2012 at 1:20 PM #

      Thank you MyDear! I at first thought they would not look good together or might be overwhelming but it turned out great!

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