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One Option to Fondant Cupcake Decorations… Chocolate!

14 Aug

Chocolate Disks

Melt your chocolate, color it if you need to using color gels (not food coloring, water chocolate are not friends). Spread it out on wax paper. Let it cool until  a little crusted to the touch. Cut your shapes out and LET THEM COOL. It’s hard to wait until it cools. Have patience then, carefully push up on bottom of paper and pop out your shapes. They are easy to break so make extras.

Spread with off set spatula or the back of a spoon

Place them on parchment or waxed paper, store in fridge until ready to use.

Chocolate Candies

I LOVE THESE… no need to make intricate cupcake decorations out of fondant. Melt chocolate spoon into molds tap on counter a few times to get air bubbles out place in freezer for a few minutes…. DONE!!!! If you want to use many colors I used a paint brush to burst in colors first then fill after with second color. Oh yes and these taste better, You can also fill with royal icing if someone does not like chocolate.  ENJOY!













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Baby Blocks for a Baby Shower!

14 Aug

This past weekend I made a beautiful pastel baby shower cake and 72 cupcakes. It was a 8 inch cake on a tiered display. When I first got this order I thought ” I think I will make baby blocks and rattles and cupcakes this should be easy.”  The client sent their inspiration picture and I was off.


It had been a while since I made rice crispy treats, so I decided I would make my blocks out of that and have some extra snacks for myself. Somehow I managed to make them and not take pictures 😦 of the actual treats.  The one error I made was putting fruit loops in the rice crispy treats.  Years ago I was short on rice crispy cereal and added fruit loops to make up the volume. They were such a hit I automatically put fruit loops in my rice crispy treats.

If you look carefully you can see the fruit loops color showing through the white fondant. Oops! So I covered them twice with fondant to fix that problem. I watched this YouTube video to help me figure out the process.  I also realized unless you have a super sharp knife its hard to cut them perfectly, so my blocks were a little uneven. It took me two hours just to put on the stripes. Maybe I am a perfectionist but I wanted them perfect (well as close to perfect as possible) make the corners was the hardes? Afterwards, I cut out letters and cute shapes for the blocks sides.

The rattle was the easiest to make. After watching this YouTube video , I saw how easy it was. I covered a straw with fondant to make the stick and stuck the straw into the ends of the rounded fondant balls.

*Tip from the Scientist: next time I will purchase a square cutter or use square cake cut outs my blocks were a little uneven and not all the same size.









Yummy yellow cake with butter cream frosting.  The cake is moist and fluffy.

I drew out a scalloped design on paper, first tracing the top rim of cake pan (not bottom it will be too small). I used a ring to draw the semi-cirles along the outline. I places the paper cut out over the rolled out fondant before cutting it and placing on cake.

The hard part was getting the semi-circles to be large enough to go around the cake withough a portion of a semi circle being left at the end. The other challenge was centering it on the cake without tearing. I had to cut and roll it three times!  Once secured with a little water around the edges I was done.

Last step, adding the lettering and circles. The only problem was the purple fondant kept ripping. I don’t know why! So I had to patch it with purple butter cream and hide  some tears with the circles and the lettering on the front. Unless you were looking for it no one would have noticed. I must figure out how to get fondant on my cakes with no issues. I am becoming an expert patch artist!

* Tip from the Scientist: Whenever I cover a cake with fondant I keep a little butter cream a little darker tinted than the color of the fondant to patch holes. Buttercream dries lighter than fondant.


There is always a challenge when you have to do cupcakes AND a cake. I completed most of the cake and then left time to work on the cupcakes. I had the most fun with these. I made chocolate discs from white chocolate. See my blog post on how to make these discs.  People don’t love the taste of fondant, so someone recommended using chocolate. Because cupcakes are so small, fondant can be overpowering.  I piped booties and teddy bears onto the flower discs (which I didn’t take a picture of) and made sculpted chocolate rattles and pins.

It was easy to make the disks. See my post on how to make the chocolate disks. Took me about 45 to make 35 circles and 35 flowers. Why so long… you have to wait for the chocolate to harden in between.

Make extras they break easily!

I used a #5 tip to pipe the booties. Once crusted I used the end of paint brush to make hole in bootie and piped on bow and top stripe. It took about me 30 min to mix the color and Pipe the booties. I put them in the fridge to crust and finished them to next day. *I made them all ahead of time, but these can be easily piped onto the cupcakes the day of, just leave time to dry to poke holes

I used a plastic chocolate candy tray. I purchased it from Michael’s a while ago to make party favors. A great buy because I kept finding multiple ways to use these!


And the final setup… I made my own display because they are expensive to purchase, not alway quite what you want, and unless you are at the event to get your display back, they just throw it away.  See my post about how I made this display for under $25.00!

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Make your own Cupcake and Cake Display for under $15.00!

14 Aug

I recently decided to start making my own displays for my cakes and cupcakes. I never used one before because displays are EXPENSIVE.  Looking around the internet and party stores these can set you back $30.00 for a small display and up to $60.00 for a large one. I had 72 cupcakes and a cake to display, so I would have needed a few of them. The worst part is if you are not an attendee of the event, it just gets thrown away or you have to have someone keep it for you. Just a hassle.

So to alleviate my guilt of not having my treats nicely presented and feeling like my money was being thrown away I found a cost effective way to make my own displays!

Here is what you will need in the picture below… and a GLUE GUN, especially if you are short on time, wet glue takes long to set. I had to stack books on my display until dried. Use a glue gun 3 to 4 bucks at Walmart! The cake boards are $3.00 for a back of 4 – 10 depending on the size. If you make cakes a lot you should have many of these in many sizes. The ribbon was 50 cents each.

Scissors sharp enough to cut ribbon, wrapping paper, pins, wide ribbon, thin ribbon for edges, cake circles, Styrofoam, old pencils or pens and a glue gun..

FIRST cover the center poles with wide ribbon. I got these at dollar store, craft stores too expensive. Cant find styrofoam at dollar store use CANS or cups!!! 🙂

SECOND… Trace your cake circles and cover them with your selected wrapping paper. I got mine from… yep the dollar store. They had a sale 2 for 1, even better!

THIRD … use a pin to hold ribbon in place and hot glue ribbon around the sides or your cake circles

Fourth… use old pencils or pens to poke holes into Styrofoam and through the cake boards to make display more sturdy. (sorry no pic)

Completed displays

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