Make your own Cupcake and Cake Display for under $15.00!

14 Aug

I recently decided to start making my own displays for my cakes and cupcakes. I never used one before because displays are EXPENSIVE.  Looking around the internet and party stores these can set you back $30.00 for a small display and up to $60.00 for a large one. I had 72 cupcakes and a cake to display, so I would have needed a few of them. The worst part is if you are not an attendee of the event, it just gets thrown away or you have to have someone keep it for you. Just a hassle.

So to alleviate my guilt of not having my treats nicely presented and feeling like my money was being thrown away I found a cost effective way to make my own displays!

Here is what you will need in the picture below… and a GLUE GUN, especially if you are short on time, wet glue takes long to set. I had to stack books on my display until dried. Use a glue gun 3 to 4 bucks at Walmart! The cake boards are $3.00 for a back of 4 – 10 depending on the size. If you make cakes a lot you should have many of these in many sizes. The ribbon was 50 cents each.

Scissors sharp enough to cut ribbon, wrapping paper, pins, wide ribbon, thin ribbon for edges, cake circles, Styrofoam, old pencils or pens and a glue gun..

FIRST cover the center poles with wide ribbon. I got these at dollar store, craft stores too expensive. Cant find styrofoam at dollar store use CANS or cups!!! 🙂

SECOND… Trace your cake circles and cover them with your selected wrapping paper. I got mine from… yep the dollar store. They had a sale 2 for 1, even better!

THIRD … use a pin to hold ribbon in place and hot glue ribbon around the sides or your cake circles

Fourth… use old pencils or pens to poke holes into Styrofoam and through the cake boards to make display more sturdy. (sorry no pic)

Completed displays

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