One Option to Fondant Cupcake Decorations… Chocolate!

14 Aug

Chocolate Disks

Melt your chocolate, color it if you need to using color gels (not food coloring, water chocolate are not friends). Spread it out on wax paper. Let it cool until  a little crusted to the touch. Cut your shapes out and LET THEM COOL. It’s hard to wait until it cools. Have patience then, carefully push up on bottom of paper and pop out your shapes. They are easy to break so make extras.

Spread with off set spatula or the back of a spoon

Place them on parchment or waxed paper, store in fridge until ready to use.

Chocolate Candies

I LOVE THESE… no need to make intricate cupcake decorations out of fondant. Melt chocolate spoon into molds tap on counter a few times to get air bubbles out place in freezer for a few minutes…. DONE!!!! If you want to use many colors I used a paint brush to burst in colors first then fill after with second color. Oh yes and these taste better, You can also fill with royal icing if someone does not like chocolate.  ENJOY!













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2 Responses to “One Option to Fondant Cupcake Decorations… Chocolate!”

  1. Carrie August 14, 2012 at 3:45 PM #

    great idea!

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