Wilton Course 2: Flowers and Cake Design

March 10th, 2012.  Getting ready for my final course 2 class. I had to pipe some flowers that I will later put onto my cake. These are apple blossoms.

To make these you need a flower nail and your choice of icing. You can make these out of butter cream or royal icing. These are made of royal icing because thats what we were practicing so they are rock hard and can literally last for ever if cared properly.

I made these for my cake which I am going to bake and frost and then in class I will put it all together.


March 11th 2012:  Today I decorated the cake with the flowers above. Well I must say I was shocked when it started coming together. I have never made a cake like this. So this class really does work! Click on the link to see my course one cake. You can see how far I have come from the lopsided pineapple to this Spring Inspiration.


2 Responses to “Wilton Course 2: Flowers and Cake Design”

  1. BakingGood March 26, 2012 at 5:39 PM #

    Wow, how pretty! I think that I still in my lopsided pineapple phase!

    • TheBakedScientist March 27, 2012 at 7:27 AM #

      Thank you for the comment. Just practice the angles they teach and you will get it. I find that when my piping looks off its almost always the angle I am holding the bag or I’m squeezing to hard.

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