Wilton Course 3 – Gumpaste and Fondant

March 10th 2012: The Ribbon Bow 


I made a ribbon out of Fondant!!! This was not very hard to do you need a fondant roller. It cuts everything into equal strips and then you make little tear drops and put the ribbon together. Easier than it looks trust me!

March 17th: The rose, the carnation and the Calla Lily

Let me first say that Spaghetti is KING for this course.

The Rose: I would rather make this rose out of gum paste than pipe it using royal icing or butter cream. You can make it many different sizes.

Rose #2 - Got it better the second time around

The Carnation:I think I am the best at  making this one… they look so real!

Carnation Step 1

The First Step is to make the bottom petal

Here is the Finished carnation... Love it!

The Calla Lily:  Very easy to do, But easy to mess up….

Yes Yes I need better pics... This is the Calla Lilly

Here is why I love love love spaghetti! Look at my flower bouquet

Spagetti bouquet!

March 24th – The Daisy and The Mum (Unfortunately)

Alright so the  Mum and I are not friends… It just looks ugly when I make it. I will practice how to make it better. I lost my Daisy. But I will put more up when I practice.

Here are the pictures of the Daisies I made for my final course. I love the colors. Instead of a Fondant Center I used a yellow jelly bean. Trying to be creative.  I call them my Flower army!

March 30th – Class #4 Final Cake

Here is my cake. See why it looks a little off center in my Blog post.



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