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Sort of Alley’s Strawberry Pink Lemonade Cookies!

18 Apr

The pink cookies

Thank you Alley!  Her blog  At home with Alley  has great recipes and fun ways to spice up your kitchen. Her awesome Strawberry Pink Lemonade Cookie Recipe was no exception. So I CONFESS I did not actually make the exact recipe like I had planned, but with good reason. First I realized I forgot to buy strawberry cake mix! I then thought I had some cake mix that I could add strawberry coloring and wilton flavoring to, but  I didn’t even have that. ( sad face)

The Baked Scientist actually had to be a scientist. I actually am a scientist in real life so I should be able to handle a lil recipe hocus pocus. Right?  To pull this off, I ended up putting a homemade yellow cake and cookie recipe together! I feel super accomplished because they came out perfect.

I am not going to post the recipe for this just yet. There are a few tweaks I have to make. Don’t worry Alley I plan on making your recipe as well soon!  I am so very proud of myself for being so creative. The cookies themselves were a little too sweet; probably because I added sugar AND lemonade mix but the texture was chewy soft and DELICIOUS!

So here is my challenge to you all… be like a scientist in your kitchen… make your own creations you just might surprise yourself!


Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars…. YUM!

11 Apr

I love these! Again you know I love easy easy easy. I first saw this made on the Paula Deen Show on the Food Network. I immediately ran to the supermarket and got the ingredients and made them, they just looked so good! …And they are.  Because this recipe has a pre-baked shortbread crust, while that it is baking in the oven you can mix everything else up, so there is no wasted time. These are quick, and with a few simple ingredients you make A LOT. I brought  about 8 bars to work ( those lasted maybe half hour after word got around). My sweetie took home a whole container and I still have some left for me! This is a great bake sale item as well

Suggestions from the Baked Scientist:

1. Feel free to add different types of fruit:  dried fruit, and even nuts will work very well with the apples. I made with dried cranberries once.

2. Measure your nutmeg carefully: If you measure incorrectly it can overpower the apples. I am not a huge nutmeg fan if you are not, you can  omit. The cinnamon is more than enough.

3. Grease the pan before you put in shortbread layer. I had a problem the first time getting my bars out of the pan.

4. Not too sweet: I like that these are not too sweet, and you can omit the caramel sauce or have it on the side for your guests.

5. Great for a party or get together, bake sale, where people might have to move around. The shortbread crust holds up well and is a great vehicle for the cheesecake layer.

6. EXPERIMENT… if you like your cheesecake a certain way stick with it  then just drizzle that on top of shortbread layer  instead!

Click here for recipe

The Bunnies say … Happy Easter to you!

8 Apr

Happy Easter Readers. Why not celebrate with a delicious moist Carrot Cake, with a cream cheese frosting and cute decorations! I must say I impressed myself. After baking the cake last night it took me 4 and a half hours to complete this cake. This includes, the rolling and coloring of the fondant, The bunnies, the fence, the flowers, cutting trimming and frosting of the cake. WHEW!!! Now you all know why these cakes are so expensive they kind of take forever to make!

I am very proud of myself! I never made characters before and I did not look up any info on how to make these bunnies. I just colored the fondant and got to rolling and molding. It was just like working with clay.  This might be why the ears are so messed up *smile* I am not much of an artist. I also made that basket using a small sauce dipping bowl as a mold for the shape and weaving the fondant strips together. I used a rubber stamp to imprint bunnies on the fondant just for an added touch of Easter. The grass was not as great as it could have been because my cream cheese frosting was  not stiff enough for the peaks to set in, but we got the desired effect.  Just a super cute cake!

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A Yankee Birthday!

8 Apr

Happy birthday to my sweetie! He loves the yankees so I made him a yankees cake with pin stripes and the logo. I need to practice getting the fondant smoothly onto the cake but the cake was not a regular shape and was kinda bumpy. The actual cake is a cranberry cheesecake cake. Not cheese cake, but filled with cheesecake and cranberries in the cake batter. I also made dinner, cheesecake bars all in one night.

The Cake That Fell Down the Stairs and Lived!!

6 Apr

Last Saturday I completed Course 3 of the Wilton Cake decorating Class. My cake was a labor or love. I was not sure what I wanted to do but, I came up with a decent idea  and put together my cake in class. Normally before I go home I snap a picture but today I did not. I thought I would take a picture once I got home

I was in a bit  of  a rush to get home and then hurry back out to meet some friends for dinner. My apartment is on the second floor so I want to make only ONE trip in. Cake Carrier, Wilton tool caddy, what felt like a 10 pound reusable bag over my shoulder, some other things I can’t recall… too much stuff basically. While carrying everything up the one flight of stairs I reached my door and realized my keys were in my pocket.

Feeling like I was superwoman I tried to finagle the keys from my pocket. I could open the door . When I realized I that small feat was not going to happen, I started knocking on the door. I knew my room mate was just on the other side of the door I could hear them on the phone.

Unfortunately, neither happend. But From my title you can guess what did. Thats right Cake in carrier fell half way down the flight of stairs. I was able to save it before it reached the bottom.  So here is the doctored cake. Pretty good for a cake that rolled half way down a flight of stairs. (No jelly beans were harmed, just eaten so they never made it back onto the cake)

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