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Selene Willis


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Selene Willis

Enter my Cupcake Giveaway!

14 Sep

give awayHello everyone, I am giving away FREE cupcakes! So if you live in the NYC/Northern NJ area I would happy to share my cupcakes with you. This is the the first time I am trying this out, before I do customer appreciation month in October.  Visit my site  and click on entry button at the top of page to enter!


Getting Back on the Blogging Wagon!

26 May

Dear Followers and New Folks…

In my attempt to play catch on my blog I am posting what I have done since Dec 2012 to NOW by Month!

Why did I start blogging… to keep track of my creations and also keep track of my favorite recipes. Some how I have not done either, the worst part is when I find a great recipe online and because I didn’t book mark it, print it or blog it, its gone! SO I AM GETTING BACK ON THE BLOGGIN’ WAGON! I want to look back at this in 5 years and see all the great things I have done.

In the past 5 months I have learned lots of new things so old  followers and new you have much to look forward to…



Tiffany Boxes for a Bride to be…

11 Dec

Tiffany box 2Tiffany Box1

So I may have a wedding in August. My client wants 100 individual tiffany boxes. 100 INDIVIDUAL BOXES oh and a cake. Lets skip the fact that I probably wont be able to do all of that myself. If you are a cake decorator you know that 100 boxes means 100 cakes because each box is just a smaller cake. I just keep thinking ASSEMBLY LINE! I will have to fine a special space to use if I am selected to make these. Naturally she wanted to see some prototypes (I know I would) and also it was a good idea  for me to see how much work goes into these. Let’s just say baking the cake and cutting it into boxes was the easy part!



I baked the red velvet cake. Two 9X12 sheet cakes made 6 boxes ( I had to test one) I used my square biscuit cutter to cut the squares out after frosting the 3 layers with the cream cheese ganache. I used a white chocolate cream cheese ganache to frost the outside for a smooth edge. What was difficult about these was that every little error shows up if they are not perfectly smooth! I liked the one in the center the best.

Hope the Bride to be likes them all 🙂

Tiffany box 3

Sometimes my life gets hectic!

20 Sep

I am still here faithful followers! I have been busy teaching (my actual job) and baking many cakes!

During the beginning of the school year it is especially hectic. Long evenings after school setting the place up and early mornings. With all the baking going on in my free time I have not posted in a little while! Well I suppose that could be a good thing also.

Check back soon for 3 cute and delicious confections!

Cookie Dough Surprise Cupcakes

8 May

Well let me say first how much I love Cookie Dough… But cookie dough INSIDE a cupcake I just had to share… I WILL be trying this!

I am still here

30 Apr

Hello everyone.

Every now and then life throws you a curveball and one has to adapt. So for the last few weeks my back has been really hurting.  And you all know even though we love it baking can sometimes mean at least an hour of standing, bending, you know the drill. To adapt I have been laying in bed most of my free time or making gumpaste flowers for 20 min at a time.

I will soon put up pictures from my Wilton course 4 Advanced gumpaste flowers. But I think I may have a Zebra themed shower coming my way 🙂 Im super excited! I will work through the pain.

More to come soon.

The Baked Scientist

Which Cake Design Should I choose for Easter ?

26 Mar

I have to make two cakes… One for cake class and one for my family’s Easter dinner. I can’t choose so help me out. I might change the colors on these but I like the designs.

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