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Welcome to Baked by Selene!

3 Mar

Welcome to TheBakedScientist!

Everyone knows I just love Baking!

My love for baking started at a young age. My mom always baked and I was her helper. I read the directions, she put in the ingredients. After getting over the excitement of licking all spoons, bowls and mixing beaters, I realized I really do love baking. When I was old enough she let me do all the work. However for me, it was fun. 

Now I find myself daydreaming of the wonderful things I can bake. Watching the food channel then and running to the grocery store, because I MUST bake what I just saw.  My friends and co-workers always want me to bake them things. I even made chocolate favors, for my best friends baby shower! Now all my friends and followers can join me on my journey. 

So here I go, blogging my baking adventures of all thingsBaked By Selene.

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