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April & May’s Creations

31 May

Both months were a little slow but defiantly not uneventful!

Tropical Bridal Shower Cake & Cupcake Bouquets

I especially enjoyed making this cake because this customer came to me via a referral. If you are one of my followers you will remember the movie themed number cake which lead to the Damask Cupcakes which let me to this customer. Her friend was getting married and I had the pleasure of working on her cake.  I enjoyed working with this customer because she was not really sure what she wanted. I really do enjoy researching ideas for my clients and ironing out what they really hope to get in their confection.  She sent me a picture of a cupcake bouquet that said… ” Can you make this?”  I didn’t even know what those were at the time. This is the photo…


Cute right! But how the heck do you make it? … I will one day do a blog post on how to make these. To be honest they are not as easy as they seem, big challenge was how do I attach at almost a 90 degree angle so the cupcake OR frosting on the cupcake does not fall off!!! Stay tuned for that one!

For the cake she wanted hibiscus flowers in tropical themed colors,  with a wedding dress topper.   Surprisingly not much online on how to make a dress topper so one day soon I will post that as well! My ” One Day” blog list is getting a bit too long! I had never made a dress before, so this was a first as well. I first made the body for the dress and then draped the fondant over. I had to go back to Wilton’s gum paste flowers course notes for those flowers because it had been a while!  So here it is!

Tropical Bridal Shower Cake and Cupcake Bouquet Bridal Shower cake

Ahoy Matey’s Cap’in Mason’s Turnin’ 4!

Remember last month’s Stiletto cake, I made this cake for her son!  It was such a cute cake, along with the yummy cupcakes with Pirate ship sails! If anyone one wants the template for the sails I would be happy to share!

Mason's Pirate  Birthday Cake


March’s Creations

27 May

Continuing with my catch up posts by month here is what I worked on in March!

Have your Shoe and Eat it too!

Red and Black Stiletto Shoe CollageNot when I first started baking, my sweetie introduced me to one of his high school friends. She owns a event planning company. Thanks to her I have lots of cakes and treats to make!  So I get to make her Birthday cake. When she asked me it was right after I had ordered a Stiletto shoe kit from Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen. Now if you have never heard of Mayen you should know of her! She makes amazing cakes and supplies for cake decorating.  She has a great Etsy store, she is very helpful when you ask her questions and she lets you share pictures of her cakes on Wednesdays and Friday on her facebook page. Wait back to the cake.  So yes naturally I convinced her that I wanted to make her a shoe topper. She agreed! She loves strawberry and she loves coconut. So She got a strawberry cake with coconut buttercream filling… Oh and her own life size shoe, Size 7 to be exact!

Red and Black Stiletto Shoe

Blue and White Wedding Treats Table

If you read my last post I said these are becoming popular. I did these for a royal blue and white wedding.  Check out the photos. My friend who I made the shoe cake for she also does ballon arches so those are hers on the table.

Blue and White Wedding Treats Table

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Treats Table

…and one week later yep another one!


Winnie the Pooh Shower Treats table

Baby Blocks for a Baby Shower!

14 Aug

This past weekend I made a beautiful pastel baby shower cake and 72 cupcakes. It was a 8 inch cake on a tiered display. When I first got this order I thought ” I think I will make baby blocks and rattles and cupcakes this should be easy.”  The client sent their inspiration picture and I was off.


It had been a while since I made rice crispy treats, so I decided I would make my blocks out of that and have some extra snacks for myself. Somehow I managed to make them and not take pictures 😦 of the actual treats.  The one error I made was putting fruit loops in the rice crispy treats.  Years ago I was short on rice crispy cereal and added fruit loops to make up the volume. They were such a hit I automatically put fruit loops in my rice crispy treats.

If you look carefully you can see the fruit loops color showing through the white fondant. Oops! So I covered them twice with fondant to fix that problem. I watched this YouTube video to help me figure out the process.  I also realized unless you have a super sharp knife its hard to cut them perfectly, so my blocks were a little uneven. It took me two hours just to put on the stripes. Maybe I am a perfectionist but I wanted them perfect (well as close to perfect as possible) make the corners was the hardes? Afterwards, I cut out letters and cute shapes for the blocks sides.

The rattle was the easiest to make. After watching this YouTube video , I saw how easy it was. I covered a straw with fondant to make the stick and stuck the straw into the ends of the rounded fondant balls.

*Tip from the Scientist: next time I will purchase a square cutter or use square cake cut outs my blocks were a little uneven and not all the same size.









Yummy yellow cake with butter cream frosting.  The cake is moist and fluffy.

I drew out a scalloped design on paper, first tracing the top rim of cake pan (not bottom it will be too small). I used a ring to draw the semi-cirles along the outline. I places the paper cut out over the rolled out fondant before cutting it and placing on cake.

The hard part was getting the semi-circles to be large enough to go around the cake withough a portion of a semi circle being left at the end. The other challenge was centering it on the cake without tearing. I had to cut and roll it three times!  Once secured with a little water around the edges I was done.

Last step, adding the lettering and circles. The only problem was the purple fondant kept ripping. I don’t know why! So I had to patch it with purple butter cream and hide  some tears with the circles and the lettering on the front. Unless you were looking for it no one would have noticed. I must figure out how to get fondant on my cakes with no issues. I am becoming an expert patch artist!

* Tip from the Scientist: Whenever I cover a cake with fondant I keep a little butter cream a little darker tinted than the color of the fondant to patch holes. Buttercream dries lighter than fondant.


There is always a challenge when you have to do cupcakes AND a cake. I completed most of the cake and then left time to work on the cupcakes. I had the most fun with these. I made chocolate discs from white chocolate. See my blog post on how to make these discs.  People don’t love the taste of fondant, so someone recommended using chocolate. Because cupcakes are so small, fondant can be overpowering.  I piped booties and teddy bears onto the flower discs (which I didn’t take a picture of) and made sculpted chocolate rattles and pins.

It was easy to make the disks. See my post on how to make the chocolate disks. Took me about 45 to make 35 circles and 35 flowers. Why so long… you have to wait for the chocolate to harden in between.

Make extras they break easily!

I used a #5 tip to pipe the booties. Once crusted I used the end of paint brush to make hole in bootie and piped on bow and top stripe. It took about me 30 min to mix the color and Pipe the booties. I put them in the fridge to crust and finished them to next day. *I made them all ahead of time, but these can be easily piped onto the cupcakes the day of, just leave time to dry to poke holes

I used a plastic chocolate candy tray. I purchased it from Michael’s a while ago to make party favors. A great buy because I kept finding multiple ways to use these!


And the final setup… I made my own display because they are expensive to purchase, not alway quite what you want, and unless you are at the event to get your display back, they just throw it away.  See my post about how I made this display for under $25.00!

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Make your own Cupcake and Cake Display for under $15.00!

14 Aug

I recently decided to start making my own displays for my cakes and cupcakes. I never used one before because displays are EXPENSIVE.  Looking around the internet and party stores these can set you back $30.00 for a small display and up to $60.00 for a large one. I had 72 cupcakes and a cake to display, so I would have needed a few of them. The worst part is if you are not an attendee of the event, it just gets thrown away or you have to have someone keep it for you. Just a hassle.

So to alleviate my guilt of not having my treats nicely presented and feeling like my money was being thrown away I found a cost effective way to make my own displays!

Here is what you will need in the picture below… and a GLUE GUN, especially if you are short on time, wet glue takes long to set. I had to stack books on my display until dried. Use a glue gun 3 to 4 bucks at Walmart! The cake boards are $3.00 for a back of 4 – 10 depending on the size. If you make cakes a lot you should have many of these in many sizes. The ribbon was 50 cents each.

Scissors sharp enough to cut ribbon, wrapping paper, pins, wide ribbon, thin ribbon for edges, cake circles, Styrofoam, old pencils or pens and a glue gun..

FIRST cover the center poles with wide ribbon. I got these at dollar store, craft stores too expensive. Cant find styrofoam at dollar store use CANS or cups!!! 🙂

SECOND… Trace your cake circles and cover them with your selected wrapping paper. I got mine from… yep the dollar store. They had a sale 2 for 1, even better!

THIRD … use a pin to hold ribbon in place and hot glue ribbon around the sides or your cake circles

Fourth… use old pencils or pens to poke holes into Styrofoam and through the cake boards to make display more sturdy. (sorry no pic)

Completed displays

other websites: http://cakejournal.com/tutorials/how-to-make-a-cake-stand-for-cupcakes-or-mini-cakes/

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Happy Birthday Liyah The Explorer!

8 Jul

Happy Birthday Aaliyah! I made this cake for my friend’s little girl on her birthday this Saturday. She loves Dora the Explorer!

On Thursday I made all the lettering because the big letters had to made by hand. I used wax paper to trace out the letters then traced that onto the fondant to cut the letters using the straight shaping tools.  I punched the small letters out using the Wilton punch outs.


On Friday I baked all the cakes and made the frosting. I made a 9 inch for the base and 6 inch on top. Whenever you  tier  a cake  you must support  the upper level s with dowels (see tip below about  using dowels). This is my signature, super moist Red and White Velvet cake and Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting!

…And the decorating begins! A two tier cake with fondant textured ribbons on the side of bottom tier and a Dora Cake candle to top it all off! I have also included the inspiration that the client  found to produce  my newest creation. I think I like mine more, just sayin’ look at it!

Tips from the Scientist:

* Remember due to copyright law technically we can’t reproduce characters on cakes so get cake toppers from your local craft store. OR head to Toys R’ Us and get a small figure of the character and place on your cake!

* I am not a cake tiring expert, but from what I heard from my Wilton instructor you must use dowels to ensure no cake toppling (straws can work also and much cheaper) See this Video and also this video I found to help on youtube.


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The Zebra Print Shower

8 May

This weekend I made a lovley cake for a baby shower. As I said in my previous post the theme was Zebra Print with the colors pink and purple.  I even made the cake batter in Pink and Purple Zebra Print! I wanted to have more pictures of me while I worked, however I employed that job to my sweetie. Always supportive of all my endeavors, he enjoyed watching but somehow forgot to snap photos of my progress as I worked.

How to do the Zebra Print

1. Get two different colored batters. (Strawberry and vanilla colored purple is what I used)

2.  Spoon equal amounts of the batter over each other in cocentric circles ( See Pictures)

3. DO NOT WAIT FOR BATTER TO SPREAD! Just keep piling it on in the center of the pan.

To see pictures of the inside of the cake see my facebook page, but I do have a picture of the test cupcake I made. I wanted to make sure you could tell the colors apart.

Baked Scientist Quick Tip: If you are worried about a crown on your cake, use cake pan strips. THEY ARE AWESOME! They allow cake to rise evenly by lowering the temperature the outside of the pan. Those who want to minimize cake leveling should use them!

Cakes in the Oven

What I hope the cake looked like!


The Outside of the Cake

I spent hours of my life looking at zebra print cakes online to figure out just how I wanted to complete the cake. Some people use fat stripes, some thin, short or long. I went for medium to thin longer strips that went from near the center over the sides and to the edge is a diagonal pattern. In the back I did a “U” like shape. (silly me didn’t take a photo of that part)

I rolled out the black fondant and then cut about 5 long strips in random shapes an then layed those 5 onto the cake. Once I was happy with their location I would glue them down. After not being so happy with that method and probably more paranoia from messing up than anything else, I chose to line everything thing up on the cake as best I could before glueing it down with gumpaste adhesive. ( that took extra time  kind of like doing the cake twice). For the bassinet, I found a tutorial online done by Way Beyond Cakes on Youtube . I did not do exactly what she did but I was inspired by her design.

I also made chocolate lollipop favors (Those are on the table and in the top of the cake). These can be laborious to make, even though the process is quite easy.  However they always go over quite well at any event. You can purchase the molds and chocolate already died at any Michaels, AC Moore or popular craft stores.

Zebra Print Flowers on Cupcakes

For the cupcakes I made my own zebra print fondant. I simpley rolled out the color I wanted as a base then placed strips of black in the layout of the zebra print. I just rolled over the two colors carefully and soon the black melded into the base color. After I used my flower cutter to cut out the flowers and I put round pearlin the center. The cupcake flavors were: Red Velvet, Banana with strawberry filling, (both with Cream Cheese Frosting) Vanilla and Strawberry ( both with buttercream).

Summary  From the Baked Scientist

Overall I am extremely happy  with the cake so were the customers. I suggest everyone making a labor intensive cake like this give them self a lot of time, so they don’t work on it all day. For example, I made the bassinet one night, the flowers another night, baked and covered the cake and the cup cakes the night before. I left Just the frosting and the cake decor to till the end. However I had the carriage done the flowers on the side were done. If you split up the work it wont seem so crazy!


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The Pink and Purple Zebra Print Shower… in Progress

4 May

It only took me and hour… 🙂

Yay… I have been commissioned to do a baby shower this coming Saturday. The theme is Purple and Pink with Zebra Print. I have to make a small cake and 20 cupcakes. This is kind of a tasting for future events so I plan on throwing in some cake pops and chocolate lollipop favors. This way I can showcase some of my skills.  I originally thought that I would do a lot of colored zebra print however,  after making samples the pink/purple background  was too much for what I wanted to achieve. So I am going to go with the traditional black and white print with purple and pink accents.


Today I have included a small preview of my decorations. I take fun in exploring how I want things to look and mix and matching things.So you are seeing different things that I have played around with and might Possibly use.  I guess you can say it is the scientist in me. I plan on putting a bassinet on the cake with a teddy bear inside and a zebra print blanket draping over the sides. I made this pattern using my fondant roller with the interchangeable patterns and cutters. I cut out the wavy top and made the line and circle pattern on the bottom.

For the Cupcakes, Red velvet, Banana, and Plain, I made zebra print fondant flowers! I cut up various black stripes and placed them over white fondant. I then rolled the the black fondant into the white making my own zebra print fondant. Now I could use this to cut out flowers. They are super cute. I will put those on some of the cupcakes. On others I am going to make pink and purple baby bottles, bibs and a circle with the first initial of the baby’s name ” T “.


For the Cake… Well you will have to wait and see. I will say it is gonna be Zebralicious!

The Bunnies say … Happy Easter to you!

8 Apr

Happy Easter Readers. Why not celebrate with a delicious moist Carrot Cake, with a cream cheese frosting and cute decorations! I must say I impressed myself. After baking the cake last night it took me 4 and a half hours to complete this cake. This includes, the rolling and coloring of the fondant, The bunnies, the fence, the flowers, cutting trimming and frosting of the cake. WHEW!!! Now you all know why these cakes are so expensive they kind of take forever to make!

I am very proud of myself! I never made characters before and I did not look up any info on how to make these bunnies. I just colored the fondant and got to rolling and molding. It was just like working with clay.  This might be why the ears are so messed up *smile* I am not much of an artist. I also made that basket using a small sauce dipping bowl as a mold for the shape and weaving the fondant strips together. I used a rubber stamp to imprint bunnies on the fondant just for an added touch of Easter. The grass was not as great as it could have been because my cream cheese frosting was  not stiff enough for the peaks to set in, but we got the desired effect.  Just a super cute cake!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A Yankee Birthday!

8 Apr

Happy birthday to my sweetie! He loves the yankees so I made him a yankees cake with pin stripes and the logo. I need to practice getting the fondant smoothly onto the cake but the cake was not a regular shape and was kinda bumpy. The actual cake is a cranberry cheesecake cake. Not cheese cake, but filled with cheesecake and cranberries in the cake batter. I also made dinner, cheesecake bars all in one night.

Fondant Fun!

6 Apr

My sister came over the other day and while I made cake flowers for my final cake decorating course, I made her a lil cake.

I was experimenting with my candy striping. I wanted to put them on the side of the cake. However, I did not know at the time that I was supposed to cover my cake in fondant and THEN put on the stripes, but it still came out cute. This is why it looks a little crooked. The fondant would have made this smooth.

This is the tool that is used to make the candy striping cuts in the fondant in a variety of shapes and designs. You simply roll out the fondant to your desired thickness. I like 1/4 inch, then you roll the fondant cutter over it like a paint brush  roller. There you go perfect cuts!

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