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Enter my Cupcake Giveaway!

14 Sep

give awayHello everyone, I am giving away FREE cupcakes! So if you live in the NYC/Northern NJ area I would happy to share my cupcakes with you. This is the the first time I am trying this out, before I do customer appreciation month in October.  Visit my site ConciergeConfections.com  and click on entry button at the top of page to enter!



Summer 2013 Creations

8 Sep

As some of my followers know, in addition to baking, blogging and decorating, I am also a middle school teacher. So the summer months are quite lazy for me ( Don’t judge). Between Vacations, catching up on sleep and also the normal August ramp up for the school year, I sometimes don”t get to bake as much as I want. But here are some Yummy things i cooked up this summer!

Congrats to the Bride & Groom!

Cupcake TowerA wedding is an important occasion, so when I was asked months ago to make Tiffany Box styled cupcakes for Tiffany ( cute right), I was thrilled. My very first wedding. So as the day drew closer the anxiety built.  More and more, brides are turning to cupcakes for weddings as a more cost effective  option to cakes.  No worries about slicing and serving sizes one cupcake per person and the Bride gets the cake!

My client wanted a lot of cupcakes so my first task was to find a way to display them all! Hours of searching online led me to two options. Build my own stand using these instructions or purchase a stand. Now when it comes to building things I have no fear but, power tools, the Baked Scientist knows those are far way from my kitchen aid mixer and heavily used glue gun! So I purchased one from The Cup Cake Tree. These are nice and reusable as long as you do not put a lot of weight on them.


The cake was red velvet with cream cheese frosting. The cupcakes were plain and red velvet. This frosting is to die for and by far the best cream cheese frosting I have ever made!

Tips from the Scientist: Baking a lot of cupcakes? I make the decorations 2 days before the event, bake the cupcakes and make all the frosting the day before the event and and have a frosting field day the day of so everything looks fresh!

Are you a Party Animal?

Well, personally I think we all have a lil party animal inside us! I made some cupcakes and chocolate covered items for this themed party. Treats tables are getting very popular as a way to accessorize cakes. Even though I didn’t make this cake those are my strawberry shortcake cupcakes.

Full Table PictureChocolate Covered Pretzels and Strawberries


Tips from the Scientist: Anything can be a container. I like to keep an eye out at the dollar and craft stores for things on sale. These buckets were a dollar at Michaels and will some ribbon added they are so very cute! I have used plastic cups, glass jars, even colored plates to add some personalization to any table decor.

Welcome Baby Kai!

Dont you just love babies? One of my best friends asked me to make her shower cake. I love this cake and man did it taste good! The vanilla bean cake recipe was soooo good my friend froze pieces of it so that she could slowly savor its yumminess. ( Hey look I would have just ate it as fast as I could but thats her way)

The one thing that was against me with this cake was time. I had a very busy week and just didn’t get to put time into the details the way I wanted to.  I also made cupcakes and those cute button lollipops.

Welcome Baby Kai

Tip from the Scientist: SLEEP is required for intricate work, or at least for me. So time your confection creations accordingly! 

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These Snowmen Don’t Melt! – Holiday Themed Cupcakes and Cookies

22 Dec

Happy Holidays! Need to bring some yummy and cute cheer to your holiday? Make these easy confections and you will be the hit of any party!

Snowmen Cupcakes

The actually all look different like a little family!

I found these on a great website Confessions of cookbook Queen. I mean she has all sorts of things on there.

Make your favorite cupcakes and frost them. I put a little extra on the top of  mine so the the hat would have some support. To make the hat, cut the bottom quarter off of a large marshmallow, and attach the larger peice to an Oreo with Candy Melts. Once the marshmallow is attached securely, I dipped the whole thing in melted Candy Melts (I used black, but you could also just use chocolate or any other fun color), sprinkled with shiny sprinkles ( or any other fun snow like topping) and set on wax paper to harden. *You can get candy melts and the eyes in the cake decorating aisle at Walmart  ( not the baking aisle this one is near all the party stuff) or Michael’s, Joann’s or AC Moore.

I found the covering of the hats to take a while because the dipping left finger prints and smudges all over. I used the back of a knife or a smooth edged spatula to smooth the chocolate around the sides. Just looked lumpy if I dipped it. After they are dry place on top of frosted cupcake. Finish the cupcakes with the eyes and red nose. My nose was a red sour ball ( I only find them in Walgreens for some reason) I did not want to use the red hots because these cupcakes were for kids and I personally don’t like them. But you could also use fondant, skittles or cut pieces of starburst and roll them into a ball after warming for 10 seconds in microwave. There you go Snowman cupcakes!


Christmas or Holiday Tree Cupcakes

These were easier than the snowman cupcakes !

Bake your Cupcakes,  color your frosting Green.Use a 2D tip perpendicular to the cupcake to frost. Let the frosting stack up upon itself as you slowly pull the frosting bag up and there you have it a tree! Top your tree with some holiday colored sprinkles I used red but you can use larger round balled sprinkles to look like ornaments. No Christmas tree is a tree without a star! I used yellow fondant to cut out stars and place them atop my trees. DONE!

Tip from the Scientist: If you are Jewish no worries use white  or blue frosting and a blue or silver star with silver sprinkles.

Holiday Tree Cupcakes


Snowflake Cookies

What winter holiday is complete without cookies! Make your favorite roll and cut cookiedough. I make them from scratch but the baking aisle has cookies in a bag that can be used for this complete with instructions on how to make the batter into roll and cut dough which is a bit harder than drop cookie dough. Roll out your dough out putting a good amount of flour on the surface so the dough does not stick. Get your favorite cookie cutters, I used snowflakes.  Cut out the shapes, bake and cool. I find putting the cookie dough in the fridge when I am not working with it helped the dough stay firm.

This is my first time putting designs on cookies. I normally just smooth on the frosting as best I can with a spatula and call it a day. However one must challenge themselves in the kitchen! I was inspired by one of the blogs I follow Carrie’s Creations . She is an amazing cookie baker and decorator ! So I got out my piping bag using a #3 tip and made some snowflakes. Here are just a few!

Christmas Cookies

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Its a Girl! – Leopard Print Baby Shower Cake and Cupcakes!

2 Dec

Leopard Print baby shower

This was a fun and easy cake to make. I made the spots buy cutting out the brown and black colors and rolling the colors into the fondant. The cupcakes were an almond buttercream with fresh cherries and amarettto cake. The cake was the same also filled with cherry almond buttercream. Boy did I have fun making these!  Cheers, Amaretto sour anyone!

Gumpaste crown

The crown was a pain in the  butt. I could have purchased a crown but I wanted to try making the crown from gum paste. I used a large round bottle and drew out my stencil on paper. I taped it onto the bottle  and covered it with saran wrap. (see picture)  I went to building. It was fine putting it on the bottle but once it was hardened it was hard to remove and all the parts did not stick together. It was very fragile so  I had to repair it over and over and over.  Every time I fixed a spot another place broke.

I guess the only thing I would have done differently is add more spots and also ditch the print on the cupcakes. I hand piped them on and then smoothed over using the viva paper towel method. It did not however come out as nice as I wanted. I want to make my treats neat and it is a constant battle. Next time if I had something similar I would make the decorations out of marshmallow fondant. As always when you are a baker you learn form mistakes. These mistakes are opportunities to get better.

Tip from the scientist: I find it hard to make a true black fondant and if you do a 50/50 gum paste mixture to get hardened designs mixing in white gum paste lightens the black. So once my designs are hardened, I hand paint them with black die diluted in water. This way the designs look truly black and not grey or green.

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