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February’s Creations

26 May

After what felt like an eternity orders began to come in and it got very busy very fast in the second month of the year.

Everyone Needs some Sparkle Zebra Print Gift Box Cake

This was a very fun cake to make. I feel like I have done enough zebra prints for it to be easy for me to do, but they wanted a gift box. Bows I do not normally do and to be honest this one was a pain, I had to be just right! It took a long time to put together because placement was important. I used the rhinestones and the balls to add a little more sparkle!Finished it off with some pearl spray.

Mikey’s Camouflage Birthday Cake

Mikey's CakeMy little brother Mikey turned 13! he is a TEEN His favorite things to do are annoy his sisters, play soccer and he likes airsoft and paintball. The last two require some camouflage so I had to make him this camo cake. He wanted all his favorite things on it. Chocolate doughnuts, Oreos ( I crushed for dirt) and KitKats which I used for the M Mikey hates fondant so I spent quite a bit of time researching how to get this effect with butter cream. THE VIVA PAPER TOWEL METHOD is the trick. I think it came out pretty great for my first time.

Army man Mikeys cake 3

Pink Baby Shower Treats Table

These are starting to become some of my favorite things. Assorted variety of delicious treats in small quantities with candy and other yummy things on a table equals TREAT TABLE.  I plan on doing a post soon on Treat table 101 but until then the pictures will have to do.  The cupcakes were my favorite!

Strawberry Cupcakes with cream cheese frostingChocolate covered Strawberries

Choc. Cov.  Marshmallows

Chocolate covered pretzels


Get your Zebra on…The Train!

5 Oct

Remember the fashionista cake I made a few weeks a go? The person that ordered that cake for her boss, is having a birthday party, and she chose me!  So here is the story of the classy cake for my client Naketa. She wanted a two tiered pink and black cake with the bottom tier in zebra print. I said no problem. This was not the first time I had done zebra print. I did a baby shower cake that was similar, so I was ready. I was working like a well oiled machine, and was very impressed with my work. I must say this cake process gave me ZERO problems!

Wait…. just kidding, I should have known something was amiss. As I was walking out the door to deliver this masterpiece. I call the client to ask her if she is sure I need to drop the cake off at her job and that I had no problem delivering the cake to her party location. She says… No worries I am taking the TRAIN. Say again the TRAIN!!!!! Now you know I had a mini-freak moment. This wonderful lady was going to take my cake… well her cake actually onto a moving train????? Two tiers and all. ( Thank goodness i put dowels in!  Cake makers out there you know what I mean. The last thing you want to hear after you do your follow up call is, that the cake never made it… or it got damaged.  So I offered to drive her home! Yes I am that dedicated. After making that decision, we both realize it is an hour drive  to her place and that is without traffic! This is friday 5:30pm, so unfortunately that was just too far.

So that is right, you guessed it! She travelled home with the cake on the train! I have great news… She and the cake made it noooo disasters and here is the picture in her kitchen to prove it!!!! Kudos to the Brave Naketa, cake deliver extraordinaire!

Tips from the Scientist: Traveling with your goodies. Best to put them on the floor of your vehicle because the seats are slanted. Use the non-slip mesh put into drawers or under rugs to prevent your treats from sliding when you hit the breaks! Happy transporting.

The Zebra Print Shower

8 May

This weekend I made a lovley cake for a baby shower. As I said in my previous post the theme was Zebra Print with the colors pink and purple.  I even made the cake batter in Pink and Purple Zebra Print! I wanted to have more pictures of me while I worked, however I employed that job to my sweetie. Always supportive of all my endeavors, he enjoyed watching but somehow forgot to snap photos of my progress as I worked.

How to do the Zebra Print

1. Get two different colored batters. (Strawberry and vanilla colored purple is what I used)

2.  Spoon equal amounts of the batter over each other in cocentric circles ( See Pictures)

3. DO NOT WAIT FOR BATTER TO SPREAD! Just keep piling it on in the center of the pan.

To see pictures of the inside of the cake see my facebook page, but I do have a picture of the test cupcake I made. I wanted to make sure you could tell the colors apart.

Baked Scientist Quick Tip: If you are worried about a crown on your cake, use cake pan strips. THEY ARE AWESOME! They allow cake to rise evenly by lowering the temperature the outside of the pan. Those who want to minimize cake leveling should use them!

Cakes in the Oven

What I hope the cake looked like!


The Outside of the Cake

I spent hours of my life looking at zebra print cakes online to figure out just how I wanted to complete the cake. Some people use fat stripes, some thin, short or long. I went for medium to thin longer strips that went from near the center over the sides and to the edge is a diagonal pattern. In the back I did a “U” like shape. (silly me didn’t take a photo of that part)

I rolled out the black fondant and then cut about 5 long strips in random shapes an then layed those 5 onto the cake. Once I was happy with their location I would glue them down. After not being so happy with that method and probably more paranoia from messing up than anything else, I chose to line everything thing up on the cake as best I could before glueing it down with gumpaste adhesive. ( that took extra time  kind of like doing the cake twice). For the bassinet, I found a tutorial online done by Way Beyond Cakes on Youtube . I did not do exactly what she did but I was inspired by her design.

I also made chocolate lollipop favors (Those are on the table and in the top of the cake). These can be laborious to make, even though the process is quite easy.  However they always go over quite well at any event. You can purchase the molds and chocolate already died at any Michaels, AC Moore or popular craft stores.

Zebra Print Flowers on Cupcakes

For the cupcakes I made my own zebra print fondant. I simpley rolled out the color I wanted as a base then placed strips of black in the layout of the zebra print. I just rolled over the two colors carefully and soon the black melded into the base color. After I used my flower cutter to cut out the flowers and I put round pearlin the center. The cupcake flavors were: Red Velvet, Banana with strawberry filling, (both with Cream Cheese Frosting) Vanilla and Strawberry ( both with buttercream).

Summary  From the Baked Scientist

Overall I am extremely happy  with the cake so were the customers. I suggest everyone making a labor intensive cake like this give them self a lot of time, so they don’t work on it all day. For example, I made the bassinet one night, the flowers another night, baked and covered the cake and the cup cakes the night before. I left Just the frosting and the cake decor to till the end. However I had the carriage done the flowers on the side were done. If you split up the work it wont seem so crazy!


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The Pink and Purple Zebra Print Shower… in Progress

4 May

It only took me and hour… 🙂

Yay… I have been commissioned to do a baby shower this coming Saturday. The theme is Purple and Pink with Zebra Print. I have to make a small cake and 20 cupcakes. This is kind of a tasting for future events so I plan on throwing in some cake pops and chocolate lollipop favors. This way I can showcase some of my skills.  I originally thought that I would do a lot of colored zebra print however,  after making samples the pink/purple background  was too much for what I wanted to achieve. So I am going to go with the traditional black and white print with purple and pink accents.


Today I have included a small preview of my decorations. I take fun in exploring how I want things to look and mix and matching things.So you are seeing different things that I have played around with and might Possibly use.  I guess you can say it is the scientist in me. I plan on putting a bassinet on the cake with a teddy bear inside and a zebra print blanket draping over the sides. I made this pattern using my fondant roller with the interchangeable patterns and cutters. I cut out the wavy top and made the line and circle pattern on the bottom.

For the Cupcakes, Red velvet, Banana, and Plain, I made zebra print fondant flowers! I cut up various black stripes and placed them over white fondant. I then rolled the the black fondant into the white making my own zebra print fondant. Now I could use this to cut out flowers. They are super cute. I will put those on some of the cupcakes. On others I am going to make pink and purple baby bottles, bibs and a circle with the first initial of the baby’s name ” T “.


For the Cake… Well you will have to wait and see. I will say it is gonna be Zebralicious!

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